Publish Page for new language

  • Created : 2017-11-06
  • Author: Ward

When a new language is added to your website, a Publish Page for your blogs is not automatically created. You can easily do it yourself following a few simple steps.

Go to your Sitemap, and add the desired page in the correct language (preferable of the page type Blog List; this way the block Blog List is automatically added).


Then, go to Dashboard - Blogs - Settings.
Now, in the first section, choose this page as the Publish Page for your new language.


Click on "Save" in the bottom right corner and you are done!

How to add a new language to your website?

You can add a new language to your website if you go to:
Dashboard - System & Settings - Multilingual - Multilingual Setup.
Click on the blue button in the top right corner saying "Add Locale"
Choose your Language & Country, together with the Home page Template, Name and URL-slug.
Click on Add Locale and boom; the new language is added.

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