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  • Created : 2017-11-07
  • Author: Ward

When a blog is published, a page is created underneath the publish page of the language the blog is published for. This page automatically contains a block for you to change the lay-out of the blog post.


Adding or editing the block

When you add or edit this block, you see the form underneath devided in two sections


Blog Post & Display Options

For every published blog post, the created page is automatically assigned to that blog post. If you add or edit this block, you can choose the location of the blog post that has to be shown.

  • Blog associated with this page:
    The page you are currently in is linked to a blog post and that blog post has to be, of course, visible.
  • A selected blog:
    You can choose a published blog post on another page, by typing in the name of the blog in "search for a blog".

With title heading, you can choose which lay-out you want your title to have.

  • Heading 1 (h1)
  • Heading 2 (h2)
  • Heading 3 (h3)

Right underneath, you can (un)check the checkboxes to choose what you want to display for this blog post.

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publish Date
  • Share Services
  • Images
  • Tags



Here, you can choose how and where you want the images to be displayed. With location, you can choose if the images should show up above or below the blog post. You are also able to choose how the images should be shown with show images as. If you choose for slider, you can enter a slide duration (how long before the next slide is shown) and slide transition speed (how long should it take to go from one slide to the other). If you select gallery, you have to select how many columns your grid should contain by selecting it with gallery columns.




Changing the defaults

If you want to change de default lay-out of this block when you add it on a new page or when a blog post is published,  you can do it easily by following these simple steps:

  • Go to Dashboard - Pages & Themes - Page Types.
  • Click on the button Output in the row with 'Blog Post' as its name.
  • Choose the Page Template (default: Full) you want to change it for and click on 'Edit Defaults'
  • Click on Edit Mode.
  • Make changes to the Blog Post block on the Page and save them.
  • In the header, click first on Exit Edit Mode, and then on Exit Edit Defaults.



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