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  • Created : 2017-11-07
  • Author: Ward

For each blog post published , a page is created. This page is automatically linked to the blog created for that language. Since it now is known which blog post contains what language, the blog list can search for every published blog post of the language you are currently in.


Adding or editing the block

When you add or edit the Blog List block, you see the form underneath.


Sort Order

With sort order, you can choose in which order the Blog Posts must be listed:

  • Most Recent
  • Earliest First
  • Alphabetical
  • Alphabetical, reversed

By checking on display sort option, the user gets the ability to sort the Blog Posts like he or she prefers.

Filtering & Display Options

In here, you can filter on tags. If you type the handle of the tag the blog has to contain, only those blog posts will show up. You can enter multiple tags. Then, blog posts that contain one or more of the selected tags will be visible. Underneath, you can choose what you want to display in this blog list by (un)checking the checkboxes:

  • Description
  • Main Image
  • Author
  • Publish Date
  • Tags


You can enter the amount of blog posts you want to show on your page under number of blog posts to display. By checking on the display pagination interface if more blog posts are available than are displayed, a pagination interface will appear if the amount of blog posts found is greater than the amount you entered in the field above. You also can choose how many posts per row you want to show. If you select 3, the block will obviously show all the published blog posts in three columns.




Changing the defaults

If you want to change de default lay-out of this block when you add it on a new page or when a new publish page is added, you can do it easily by following these simple steps.

  • Go to Dashboard - Pages & Themes - Page Types.
  • Click on the button Output in the row with 'Blog List' as its name.
  • Choose the Page Template (default: Full) you want to change it for and click on 'Edit Defaults'
  • Click on Edit Mode.
  • Make changes to the Blog List block on the Page and save them.
  • In the header, click first on Exit Edit Mode, and then on Exit Edit Defaults.

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