About Us

WebhappHi there! Curious to find out who is behind the packages and blocks? Well let's have a chat.

There is not a lot to say though... My name is Ward and we are a small group of people looking to provide awesome packages and blocks for the one Content Management System we absolutely love: Concrete5. We know, a lot of options already exist, but we try to come up with add-ons you did not know you needed!

 Our "main office", which is basically just my bedroom, is located in Ghent, Belgium. We created a lot of packages since the beginning of 2016 for personal use, but started to offer them on the Concrete5 MarketPlace in autumn 2017.

And this is only the beginning!

I hope you enjoy our work and we are happy to receive any feedback from you guys!
If you have any idea for a package you want us to make, just hit us up.

Have a wonderful day!