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  • Created : 2017-11-06
  • Author: Ward

When you’re using a concrete 5 website with multiple languages installed on it, don’t worry. This blog package
will automatically create a publish page for every language upon installation of the package.

This is the page where the blog posts for that specific language are published to. The page is called “Blogs” by
default and is added to the root of the sitemap corresponding with that language.


This automatically generated page has the page type blog list and inserts the block blog list to the main area by
default. The added block will provide a list of all the active blog posts for the language currently selected on the website. Note that, as explained earlier, this option will be available for every language currently installed on your
concrete 5 website.


Change the Publish Page

You can always change the page where your blog post will be published. The blog post block isn’t bound to a
specific page on your website or a certain template. You can easily select the page where the blog post block
has to be published to your heart’s desire.

To do this, you navigate to dashboard - blog - settings;
The first section will always show a list of every publish page for each individual language. Websites with different lay-outs for different languages can thus completely customize the location of their blogs.

Clicking on the ‘X’ removes the current page as a publish page and allows you to select a new page. Clicking
choose page’ will obviously give you the option to select the page, given that this page is listed in the sitemap.

When all your public pages are placed in their desired locations, simply click save and you’re good to go!


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