Creating a Blog

  • Created : 2017-11-06
  • Author: Ward


If you add or edit a blog, you must give a name to it. This does not depend on language, but will be shown in the blog overview page in your dashboard. Make sure to give it a unique name so you can easily find it back later on!



In this section, you can add a blog post for every language you desire. You must fill in a title, description (why a description you ask? Well, this is used for the blog list on your website) and of course the blog post itself. Use the tabs to switch between languages. Here, you can also publish your blog for a specific language if required! 



You can add images to your blog using the well known file manager. The images will be the same for every language you publish the blog for.  As you see, you can add a primary blog image and additional images.

The primary blog image is the first image of your blog post that will be visible to the users. Also, remember the blog list using the description? This image can also be shown in that block.

Additional images can be added to create a slideshow or gallery for your blog. Here you can add as many images as you like.


If you want to change your primary blog image, you have to click on it and choose clear before selecting a new image. Changing the additional images is a bit different but still as easy as a sunday morning. You can drag an image around to change the order, and simply click on the '-' in the right hand side corner of the image will delete it from the list. The button choose images speaks for itself.



Like previously mentioned, you can tag your blogs. Amazingly, this is the place to be! Check the tags you want to use for the amazing blog you wish to create!


Save or Publish

On the bottom, you find two buttons. Save will make save the unpublished blog posts. Note that the changes made to published blog posts will be visible to the users. Publish all will publish all the blogs at once! Make sure you fill in the title, description and blog post of every language in the section posts before hitting this button!




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