• Created : 2017-11-06
  • Author: Ward

It’s pretty amazing how far you’ve come reading all this documentation about blogs without reading anything
remotely related to the actual blogs. This is about to change! By going to dashboard - blogs - blogs, you’ll find yourself in the nerve center of blog management. This page gives you a clear overview of all your added blogs.


Adding a blog

You can easily create a blog by clicking on the big blue button in the top right hand side corner reading “create
”. Clicking the button will reload the page and upon reloading, a form will appear for you to create your blog!


Editing a blog

On the overview page, click on the name or table row of the blog you want to update. The page will reload and the form will appear with all the data for you to edit your blog.


Deactivate or Delete a Blog

You can deactivate or delete a blog by visiting the edit page of the blog. In the top right hand side corner, you’ll see the following buttons : advanced, deactivate tag and delete. For now, let’s ignore the advanced button. There’s more information regarding the advanced button here.


The deactivate blog button follows the same rules as the deactivate tag button, found elsewhere in this
documentation. By deactivating a blog, you basically set the blog invisible from the website and its visitors. This means it will be excluded for navigation, page list, search index and sitemap.xml. Theblog itself can still be found by the administrators of the website. The blog is also still editable. The deactivate blog button will change in the activate blog button once the blog is deactivated, thus following the
same principle of the (de)activate tag button; re-activating your blog. If delete is clicked, the blog and all of its data will be deleted permanently from the website, so be careful!

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